Semalt: Fighting and Avoiding Spam Emails

Every online venture encounters mass spam attacks. Most people who use the web on a daily basis face many emails which claim to offer a particular service. Spammers target upper admin panels of websites, as well as much other useful information. In the past, spammers have taken many user passwords and personal information, as well as different other aspects of making sure that a website operates appropriately. They can also bring an e-commerce down, leading to a huge e-commerce loss. All SEO efforts can go down due to real spam attacks.

Staying away from spam can be a wise idea especially for a new website. The Senior Customer Success Manager of Semalt, Jack Miller, describes some ways to fight and move away from spam:

1. Use a secure email address

The security measures which your internet provider has in place are essential. For instance, they can make users suffer the effect of scam or enhance the work of spammers. It is important to consider using a secure email address. Gmail and Outlook have some of the most secure email addresses in place today. Other cases can ensure the protection of the computer using the latest spyware protection mechanisms.

2. Keep your email address safe

Every spammer starts by making a collection of many email addresses. These are the targets they deploy the spam attacks. There are different IT techniques of dealing and sorting out spam. You can use different email addresses for various online applications. Moreover, there is always an option of including multiple folders on your current email address. This measure can keep spam emails in a folder which you can monitor easily, and do not confuse them with an important email.

3. Use spam filters

From above, it is essential to use a secure email provider platform. Email providers like Gmail contain spam filters which can filter out some of the best spam attacks. Spa filters detect and push emails which are spam to a spam folder, where you can be able to sort out which of them can serve you.

4. Do not click links in spam

From this notion, it is clear that spam emails contain multiple URLs to different tasks. All these tasks are from people like hackers, who have questionable motives behind the mass emails attacks. The spam emails contain links which point to potentially malicious domains. They can execute some of the hack tasks such as hooking the victim's browser to a remote hacking Linux device.


There are many forms of spam over the web. Many internet users experience spam in their day to day activities. Emails containing spam come from people who have other malicious and ill intentions behind the victims. Spam carries thousands of cash from innocent internet users. Keeping away from spam can save your e-commerce its stability as well as the security of the personal of customer data. Some of the ways to fight and avoid spam are on this guideline. You can be able to control yourself as well as the security of your website from spam. You can also be able to keep spam away from your site or clients.